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Parent’s Right to Know Act

Sign the petition today to make your voice heard!

Parent's Right to Know Act

Voice Your Opinion re: Parent\'s Right to Know Act

The petition is available in printable form at http: http://wvforlife.org/wp-content/uploads/2016/07/Parents-Right-to-Know-Petition-Color-1.pdf

The Parent’s Right to Know Act will close loopholes in existing state law that allow abortionists to perform secret abortions on underage girls. These loopholes not only interfere with the rights of parents, they put girls in abusive situations at greater risk.

Under current state law, teens may not have their ears pierced or be given aspirin in schools without their parent’s consent. Yet, loopholes in the current parental involvement statute do not require abortionists to notify parents about their children’s pending abortions or law enforcement authorities about suspected sexual abuse. This allows sexual predators to cover up their crimes with secret abortions.

The Parent’s Right to Know Act would allow parents and appropriate law enforcement authorities to protect our children by requiring abortionists to notify parents of their minor child’s pending abortion and exposing sexual abuse.

Therefore: We, the pro-life citizens of West Virginia, join together with West Virginians for Life, to urge West Virginia legislators to vote for and pass the Parent’s Right to Know Act.


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