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21 October, 2017
10:00 AM
Horizons Church, 8302 Mount Clare Road, Lost Creek, WV 26385 Join us

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The 2017 West Virginians for Life Convention theme is Life is for everyone. It will be held on Saturday, October 21, at Horizons Church, 8302 Mount Clare Road, Lost Creek, WV 26385. Because a variety of speakers and pro-life presentations will be offered in the same room, no one will miss a single workshop.  In addition to National Right to Life Political Director Karen Cross and WVFL President Wanda Franz, Ph.D., other pro-life speakers will be sharing their expertise.

Bioethicist Wesley Smith will address physician-assisted suicide.

Bioethicist Wesley Smith will address physician-assisted suicide.

West Virginians for Life is honored to have Wesley Smith as convention keynote this year.

Lawyer and award winning author, Wesley J. Smith, is a Senior Fellow at the Discovery Institute’s Center on Human Exceptionalism. He is also a consultant to the Patients Rights Council, and as such, will be addressing the topic of physician assisted suicide.

In May 2004, because of his work in bioethics, Smith was named one of the nation’s premier expert thinkers in bioengineering by the National Journal. In 2008, the Human Life Foundation named him a Great Defender of Life for his work against assisted suicide and euthanasia.

Smith is an international lecturer and public speaker, appearing frequently at political, university, medical, legal, disability rights, bioethics, religious, industry, and community gatherings across the United States, Europe, Mexico, Canada, South Africa, Australia, and at the United Nations.

Teens GroupThe Teen Day Camp is always fun yet educational.

We are excited to announce that there will be a special day-long camp for the teens. This day camp will include fun games along with serious talks. Other than lunch, the teens will have their own convention separate from the adults in another area of the Horizons Church campus.

In the past, advertisers of our Convention Resource Manual have helped keep the cost of attending the convention low so that more people can benefit from this exciting event. This is done by purchasing an advertisement in the manual. Either ads can be purchased or one can become a sponsor in the resource manual.

These resource manuals inform people as to which businesses advocate their pro-life views, so that they can support those businesses. West Virginians for Life is excited to offer this opportunity to get your message out to the pro-life community. These educational manuals are used throughout the year as a reference and will reach a statewide audience much larger than the convention attendance.

Please continue to unite with us to encourage and disseminate respect for life. Click here for an ad contract. For a sponsor form, click here. We are asking that all ads/sponsor forms be returned by September 15, 2017. Don’t hesitate as the time will be here before you know it.

And for a registration form, click here.

If it is known in advance, child care will be provided. Please email WVFL at info@wvforlife.org or call us at 304-594-9845 in this regard.

Join us at this year’s convention on Saturday, October 21, 2017.

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