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Press Release re 2016 General Election

It was truly an historic election as Donald Trump did the impossible in an upset victory over extreme pro-abortion candidate Hillary Clinton. Many pro-life victories occurred here in West Virginia. All three congressional incumbents retained their seats. In the 1st Congressional District, David McKinley defeated his opponent by a margin of 69-31%. Alex Mooney won in the 2nd Congressional District by 39,602 votes and in the 3rd Congressional District, Evan Jenkins won a second term by 45 percentage points. This completed a pro-life sweep of the entire slate of federal candidates, all of whom were endorsed by West Virginians for Life Political Action Committee (WVL-PAC).

Read the full press release in pdf here.

Comparison of 2016 Presidential Candidates

Where Do They Stand on Abortion? 

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BILL COLE is a proven pro-life voice for West Virginia’s unborn. A vote for ANYONE ELSE is a vote AGAINST unborn babies.


Keep Morrisey for Attorney General

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WV Senate Head-to-Head Races:

District 5 (Cabell & Wayne Counties) –


Pro-Life Candidate Tyson Smith vs. Candidate Robert Plymale

 For More Information

District 8 – (Kanawha & Putnam Counties) –

WVFL President Dr. Wanda Franz, NRL Political Director Karen Cross and Senator Chris Walters

WVFL President Dr. Wanda Franz, NRL Political Director Karen Cross and Senator Chris Walters


Pro-Life Candidate Chris Walters vs. Candidate Glenn Jeffries

In the WV 8th Senatorial District race between pro-life incumbent Chris Walters (100% pro-life voting record) and Glenn Jeffries, although Jeffries answered the majority of the candidate survey questions in a pro-life manner, we have read this quote from Margaret Chapman Pomponio, the Executive Director of WV Free, a group which ONLY supports pro-abortion candidates. She said, “I am profoundly disappointed to see people who are supposedly staunchly pro-choice supporting Chris Walters for Senate. He is vehemently anti-choice…I’m with Glenn Jeffries.”

District 12 (Braxton, Clay, Gilmer, Harrison & Lewis Counties) –


Pro-Life Candidate Franklin Cornette vs. Pro-Abortion Candidate Doug Facemire

For More Information

District 16 (Berkeley & Jefferson Counties) –


Pro-Life Candidate Patricia Rucker vs. Pro-Abortion Candidate Stephen Skinner

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District 17 (Kanawha County) –


Pro-Life Candidate Chris Stansbury vs. Pro-Abortion Candidate Corey Palumbo

For More Information


WV House of Delegates Head-to-Head Race

District 3 (Ohio County)

Pro-Life Candidates Scott Reed and Erikka Storch vs. Pro-Abortion Candidate Shawn Fluharty

For More Information

District 16 (Cabell & Lincoln Counties)


Pro-Life Candidates Dale Anderson, Carol Miller, and Chuck Romine vs. Pro-Abortion Candidate Sean Hornbuckle

For More Information

District 36 (Kanawha County)


Pro-Life Candidates Adam Marcum and Brad White vs. Pro-Abortion Candidates Nancy Guthrie and Larry Rowe

For More Information

District 50 (Marion County)

Pro-Life Candidates Phil Mallow, Bobbie Damon Triplett and Guy Ward vs. Pro-Abortion Candidates Mike Caputo, Linda Longstreth and Tim Manchin

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Is Hillary Clinton an abortion extremist? See for yourself.


SIX Ways to Defeat a Pro-Life Candidate.


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